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Main topics

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Row Title Chair
1 Antibiotic Resistance in Laboratory Medicine S. M. Boutorabi
2 Big Data in Laboratory Medicine and Electronic Health Record K. Mohammad
H. Zeraati
3 Blood-Based Cancer Screening A. R. Lotfikian
4 Blood-Borne Diseases (Hepatitis B And C) F. Shokri
5 Challenges in Laboratory Drug Abuse Testing A. R. Timcheh-Hariri
6 Challenges of IACLD Sh. Hemmati
7 Education of Medical Laboratory Sciences in Iran F. Shaygan
8 EQAP A. Shirin
9 Ethical Issues in Laboratory Medicine M. Rasekh
10 Food-Borne Pathogens (Salmonella, Shigella, Escherichia coli) M. M. Soltan-Dallal
11 Geriatric  Laboratory Medicine Sh. Reisi
12 Guidelines for Pre-Analytical Phase S.Gh. Mostafavi
13 Infertility/Abortion Laboratory Testing M. Jeddi-Tehrani
14 Knowledge-Based Companies and Laboratory Medicine M. M. Amiri
15 New Developments and Challenges in Laboratory Diagnosis of Cardiac and Renal Diseases Sh. Hemmati
16 New Developments in Immunohematology A. Gharehbaghian
17 New Trends in the Diagnosis of Metabolic Inborn Errors S. Talebi
18 NGS Revolution and Technology Progress in Laboratory Medicine A. Sharifi
19 Non-Communicable Diseases (Autoimmune Diseases and Diabetes) N. Kianmehr
20 Pediatric Laboratory Medicine A. Rabbani
21 Plts and Thrombosis N. Vazefeh Shiran
22 POCT Gh. R. Hamzehlou
23 Quality Assurance and Risk Management H. Bayat
24 Sexually Transmitted Diseases (AIDS and Genital Warts) M. Mohraz
25 Vector-Borne Diseases (Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, Leishmaniasis and Malaria) M. Mohebali
26 Young Scientists N. Rezaei
27 Young Scientists N. Rezaei


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