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Prof. A. Ünlü

 | Post date: 2018/12/13 | 

Prof  Ali Ünlü

Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Selçuk University Medical School, Konya, Turkey.
Dr Unlu graduated form medical faculty of 19 Mayıs University, he had his doctoral degree form Glasgow University. He worked as clinical biochemist in Mersin University and currently, he is full proffessor and head of Clinical Biochemistry Department of Selçuk University, Medical School. Dr Unlu has been actively involved in both basic and clinical biochemistry research since 1994. He authored or co-authored over 175 articles and abstracts in the field of cancer, free radicals and mass spectrometry use in clinical laboratories. He had over 1000 citations and involved in 25 scientific project and honoured by several awards. He directed over 20 MSc, PhD and specialist thesis in Clinical Biochemistry. He is an executive member of Turkish Biochemical Society since 2012.  His main interest area is mass spectrometry use in clinical laboratories.

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