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Clinical Laboratory Researches: Hematology & Immunohematology

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Clinical Laboratory Researches: Hematology & Immunohematology

16-volume book of laboratory hematology and blood transfusion science
Practical Hematology
"6 Professor"
Multiple articles on laboratory hematology and its trabelling shots



Hematology studies are carried out in the branches of anemia and hemoglobinopathy, hemostasis and thrombosis, leukemia and lymphoma, cell therapy and bone marrow transplantation, blood banking and transfusion science and in three clinical, laboratory and basic (cellular-molecular) applications. The focus of this Congress is on laboratory applications such as hematomorphology, cell counter and flow cytometry technology, electrophoresis (Hb & SPE), coagulation tests, blood banking and blood products labs, laboratory detection and monitoring guidelines, molecular and prognostic monitoring of diseases (MRD), drug Level assay, blood group and hemoglobinopathy genotyping. In the past two decades of Iran's lab, there has been a marked separation between the laboratory and the university due to the lack of postgraduate study in pure laboratory disciplines and the tendency of science to the academic basis. Therefore, at this congress, we try to focus on and collect scattered research in the field of hematology and immuno-humatology, while preserving the overlapping new methods with conventional routine methods, introducing new perspective of tests and techniques, alternative devices, guideline and algorithms, parameter and biomarkers along with documentation and articles in the large laboratory community. 



Dr. Nader Vazifeh Shiran
Ph.D of lab hematology and blood banking
Academic staff of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
The author of the book on cellular and molecular hematology (16 Volumes)
Laboratory Hematology Lecturer in IACLD and universities
Responsible for hematology laboratory of Baqiyatallah Hospital

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