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Clinical Laboratory Researches: Clinical Biochemistry

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Clinical Laboratory Researches: Clinical Biochemistry

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Research in the field of clinical biochemistry can provide the arena to advance in other disciplines, and as a result, the application of research is tangible. In the field of clinical biochemistry, there must be two areas of fundamental and clinical research. Research in clinical biochemistry should target diagnosing the disease, design and implement laboratory tests and confirm the progress of treatment. Fundamental research is first carried out in research laboratories and research environments, and is gradually developed after success. Then it is done on more populations and if in the next stages, the relationship of the assessed factor with the clinical status of the patients is confirmed, it will be standardized in the clinical diagnostic laboratories in order to allow the physician to determine the condition of the individual by making a reference to it. Therefore, in medicine, fundamental research and clinical research, are connected like a string; there is a gap between these two fields of research, but their dependence on each other is inevitable. In some cases, basic and fundamental research is done on samples prepared from patients. Such research has a great portion in research studies, though as mentioned before, a long distance exists in clinicalization of the results and being included in current tests of diagnostic labs.



Dr. Mohammad Reza Aliakbarzadeh Sarokhani
DCLS (1991)
PhD in medical biotechnology (2001)
Faculty member and full professor of Qazvin University of medical Sciences (Rank 30)
Research and activity area: Cellular and molecular sciences


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