Sun, Sep 26, 2021

Message from the Congress Chairman

 | تاریخ ارسال: 2019/03/27 | 

                                                                                               In the Name of God

We are planning to hold the 12th International Congress and 17th National Congress on Quality Improvement of Clinical Laboratory Services on 21-23 April 2019. We have tried to invite prominent national and international scientists and experts to take part in the event and present their scientific theories in order to ensure the improvement of congress’ quality. Congress authorities are going to provide the participants with a peaceful, friendly and jolly environment, together with scientific initiatives, as the outcome of scientific research of the congress.

Modern researches of clinical sciences are in the course of rapid development and our country has a significant role in this venture. Hence, the authorities have to make a fundamental planning in order to increase enthusiasms and motivations of this large and educated stratum. We must not isolate the scientific elements, scientists and skilled and experienced experts by performing incorrect activities and must avoid emptying out the scientific channels by superficial approaches.

Our effects within the past 16 years have been to create a scientific atmosphere for owners of clinical and medical sciences to present theories, to ensure that the scientific educated stratum in our country will be reinforced and strengthened.


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