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Nosocomial Infections: Diagnosis & Monitoring

 | Post date: 2019/04/4 | 
Nosocomial Infections: Diagnosis & Monitoring


Indwelling devices are increasingly used in many areas of medical practice. On the other hand, Device-associated health care–associated infections (DA-HAIs) affect the quality of health care in terms of increased morbidity, mortality, and additional cost for patient care provision. DA-HAIs pose a severe threat to patients, despite prevention efforts that have resulted to in a significant decrease of infection's incidence.
In “Nosocomial Infections” topic, two more common infections (Catheter-related urinary tract infection and Catheter-related bloodstream infection) and two less common infections (infection of orthopedic implants and cardiac implantable electronic devices), which have a significant effect on the safety of patients and are less familiar to laboratory professionals, will be discussed.
In addition, we will discuss monitoring which is an essential tool in improving the quality and safety of the patient and determining the level of endemic infection, which allows for the early detection of epidemics and the risk assessment for planning future actions as well as evaluation of new interventions.

Dr. Mohammad Ali. Boromand

- Ph.D. Pathology (Anatomical and Clinical), School of Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences
- Secretary of Iranian Pathology Association


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