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National Clinical Laboratory Standards - Challenges and Approaches

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National Clinical Laboratory Standards - Challenges and Approaches


Governments set a wide range of rights and responsibilities for their citizens, one of which is the health. The standard helps citizens to exercise their rights and duties. The world without standard will quickly stop. Standards are developed by international and national standards organizations. In accordance with Note 4 of Article 3 of the Law 49784 (the law of Strengthening and Developing of the Standard System) approved by the Parliament, the Ministry of Health, and Medical Education can develop and revise standards about to health, medical and pharmaceutical services. Department of Health Reference Laboratory revised and published the second edition of Medical Laboratories standard in 1397. This standard complies with the  international standard ISO15189, 2012(medical laboratories-requirments for quality and competence). In this topic,it will be addressed clinical laboratories` standardization history in  the country, conformity of National Clinical Laboratory Standards ed. 1397 with the ISO 15189 2012, as well as the ability of the country's laboratories to implement national standards and approaches for how to implement this standard and, at the end,., the authority of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education will be reviewed to enforce this  standard.

Dr. A. Shirin


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