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Laboratory and Cancer Genetics (Diagnosis, Prognosis, Treatment Monitoring)

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Laboratory and Cancer Genetics (Diagnosis, Prognosis, Treatment Monitoring)
تصویر مرتبط با محور

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2. Translation, Interpretation of laboratory Tests, J. walach. 1999.



In recent years, various molecular and medical genetics tests have given a special place in diagnosis, prognosis, choice of treatment, follow-up and its effectiveness in various malignancies. Due to the diversity and complexity of the tests in this area, the ​​cooperation between different specialists, including hematologists-oncologists, medical geneticists, and pathologists would be necessary and at the moment, we will try to create this joint collaboration. By reviewing the epidemiology of cancer, its genetics and personalized medicine, the debate began and then focusing on colon and rectum cancers, lungs and hematopoietic malignancies, and the role of molecular diagnosis - genetic medicine in the diagnosis and classification, determining the prognosis, choosing the appropriate treatment based on evaluation of mutations in various genes that greatly affect the response to treatment. Knowledge of genomic changes and polymorphism of each individual who requires the use of different technologies and their standardization, in addition to the effectiveness of treatment, will save on the cost of treatment, duration of hospitalization, and ultimately patient’s outcome. The modern methods which is available in the country are discussed at the current level as well as the latest available technologies in the world and according to the existing problems, optimal solutions would be proposed which would be used for providing better services.
Personalized medicine, cancer, genetic, molecular diagnosis and Clinical Laboratory


Dr. Behzad Poopak

Associate Professor of Hematology of Tehran Medical Sciences, Islamic Azad University & owner – Lab director of PAYVAND Clinical & Specialty Lab. active in Teaching and research on Hematology and expert in different techniques  including Cytomorphology, Cytochemistry, Flow cytometry & Molecular diagnosis. His main focus is on research & diagnosis, prognosis & Measurable Residual Disease, MRD of Acute and Chronic Leukemia.


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