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Measurement Standardization in Clinical Laboratories

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Measurement Standardization in Clinical Laboratories

1- Design and fabrication of a centrifugal microfluidic disc including septum valve for measuring hemoglobin A1c in human whole blood using immunoturbidimetry method. Talanta, 190, 1 (2018), 134-139.
2- pH Control of Penicillin Fermentation Process using Predictive approach, Systems Science journal. 35, 1 (2009), 65-74.


The clinical laboratories are expected to produce comparable results out of measuring a given analyte in the same patient sample. In other words, if a single patient serum sample is aliquoted and distributed to various laboratories for measuring a substance such as glucose, the results of those laboratories should be comparable and very close to each other. This will not happen, unless the principles of metrology for measurement standardization is established in all of the laboratories, in advance.
In this case the principles of metrology implies that all of the above-mentioned clinical laboratories standardize the measurement of glucose in blood serum by using methods traceable to Reference Method Procedures (RMPs) and calibrating the analysis instruments by commutable Certified Reference Materials (CRMs).
In the session entitled “Measurement Standardization in Clinical Labs” of the IQC17, metrology and the practice of its principles in clinical labs will be deliberated. In addition, the current status of metrology in Iran and its implications in Iranian clinical laboratories will be covered.



Dr M Reza Bakhtiari, DCLS, PhD is a researcher and academic staff in Biotechnology department of Iranian Research Organization for Science & Technology (IROST). He holds a PhD in medical biotechnology and also a doctorate in clinical laboratory sciences. As a lecturer, he is invited to various universities throughout the country and to international conferences and workshops. He has published a lot of papers in scientific journals related to medical biotechnology and clinical & medical laboratories.
Dr Bakhtiari chaired the Iranian Association of Clinical Laboratory Doctors (IACLD) from April 2016 to April 2018 and also he acted as the Scientific Secretary of the International Congress on Quality Improvement in Clinical Laboratories (2008-2015). The memberships of IACLD to International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) and Asian and Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemistry (APFCB), were the results of his efforts.

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