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Clinical Laboratory: Social Responsibility and Commitment

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Clinical Laboratory: Social Responsibility and Commitment
تصویر مرتبط با محور

Hospital Standards, Tehran University Publication, 2nd ed
Clinical Laboratory Quality Management, Tehran University Publication


Today’s organizations need acceptance of social responsibility. ISO 20006 presents principle, methods, and dimensions of social responsibility and commitment in order to create permanent development in these organizations. ISO 20006 standards embrace seven main dimensions including principle, media, phrases, understanding of social responsibility, retainment of organizational staff, policy and produce and collaboration of all dimensions in organizations. From viewpoint of ISO 20006, social responsibility and commitment percept as respect to national or international behavioral normalization, preservation of organization’s validity, attraction of customers, improvement of staff commitment and productivity and increase of public confidence. Social responsibility and commitment in all organizations, for example clinical laboratories lead to deceased of wastage, improvement of staff safety, equitably competition with other laboratories, cleanup, decreased conflict with patients and customers, help to continuation of ecological resources, and strengthening of social welfare and civil structure. Consequently, managers of clinical laboratories should participate activity in social decision making by establishment of social responsibility and commitment and focus on its implementation of this process.



Dr. H. Dargahi

BSc. in Medical Laboratory Sciences,
MSc. in Public Health and Pathobiology,
Ph.D. in Health care Management,
Professor of Management Sciences and Health Economics, School of public Health, Director of Health Information Management, Vice chancellorship of Staff Training Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

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