Health Insurance & Clinical Lab Services

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Health Insurance & Clinical Lab Services
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Health insurances by providing financial protection, play a very important role in access to health services, as well as achieving sustainable development. In order to meet their goals, they should have sustainable financial resources and good management of the limited resources .As a worldwide characteristic of health systems, increasing growing health costs have made insurance organizations to manage supply and demand and take strategic purchase plan more than what they used to. Indeed, while facilitating access to health services, Insurers change the behavior patterns of insured people and providers which cause to increase unnecessary consumptions and induction demands and in turn poses a significant challenge to the balance of resources and expenditures.
In health system, the lab organizations status are very important to diagnose and treat the diseases. Under these circumstances the insurance organizations play vital role in accessibility of the laboratory services. From the viewpoint of the clinical lab providers, the cooperation of insurance organizations is essential to improve quality of lab services (particularly in tariffs). On the other side, insurers are worried about the costs of the lab tests and this is the reason that nowadays they are thinking about prioritizing and managing the lab services. Due to economic constraints, the tripartite Cooperation between the providers of laboratory services, the insurance organizations and the health system managers seems necessary .Therefore, in this panel, besides trying to provide an image of consumption and costs of laboratory services, we are going to address some of the challenges and their management solutions.


Dr. Sh. Ghaffari
PhD in Health Economics, The University of Queensland; School of Population 
Health; Australia
Graduate Diploma in Public Health, The University of Queensland; School of
Population Health; Australia
Doctorate degree in medicine, Azad University of Medical Sciences, Iran
Current Position:      

From 2015       Managing Director of Social Security Research Institute
2014-2105       General Director of Research and Training, Social Security Organization (SSO)
2012-2013       Consultant for CEO and Head of R & D, Milad Hospital Home Address: No 20, St 10

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