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Clinical Lab. Director: Academic Education & Training

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Clinical Lab. Director: Academic Education & Training


Education is the process of facilitating  learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits and these studies help advance knowledge in a particular field. Also, In the recent years, the rapid promotion of medical sciences, innovation of new diagnosis methods and diversities of new tests, suggest and emphasize introducing of a new comprehensive, Valuable and powerful educational program, which must support all of academic, research and management requirements of clinical diagnosis laboratories. This inference is logical and unavoidable. In mean time, today, with increasing trend in laboratory tests used for diagnosis of various diseases and the use of sophisticated and innovative technologies in medical diagnostic laboratories some academic disciplines associated with laboratory science can be seen in different universities. Continuing medical education is type of education, which refers to those educational activities that are used to preserve, promote of knowledge, skills and professional performance that can lead to a qualitative and quantitative improvement of community health services in the medical community.




Dr. A. Gharehbaghian


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