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1 Challenges in Clinical Microbiology Laboratories Quality Control Dr. B. Valizadeh
2 Clinical Laboratory Accreditation: The Role of
ILAC, APLAC &   National  Accreditation Bodies- Scientific Associations
Dr. S. Mahdavi
3 Clinical Laboratory Researches: Microbiology & Serology Dr. N. Rahimifard
DCLS, PhD, Bacteriology
4 Clinical Lab. Director: Academic Education & Training Dr. A. Gharehbaghian
DCLS, PhD, Immonohematology
5 Clinical Laboratory & Allergic Diseases Dr. M. M. Mohammadi
DCLS, PhD, Immunology
6 Clinical Laboratory & Male Infertility Etiology Dr. A. Sadeghitabar
7 Clinical Laboratory & Organ Transplantation Dr. N. Tajik
DCLS, PhD, Immunology
8 Clinical Laboratory Researches: Clinical Biochemistry -
9 Clinical Laboratory Researches: Hematology & Immunohematology - -
10 Clinical Laboratory: Accountability and Social Responsibility Dr. H. Dargahi
PhD, Management of Health Services
11 Disseminated Fungal Infections: Diagnosis Challenges Dr. M. Ghahri
DCLS, PhD, Medical Mycology
12 Ethics & Regulations in Clinical Laboratory:
Analysis of Disciplinary Records
Dr. M. Abbasi
MD, PhD, Law and Medical Ethics
13 Hepatitis and Liver Disease Dr. S. M. Alavian
MD, Gastroenterology & Liver
14 Lab Economics: Challenges & Solutions Dr. M. Barooni
MSc, PhD, Health Economy
15 Laboratories & Insurance Organizations Dr. Sh. Ghaffari
MD, PhD, Health Economy
16 Laboratory & Cancer Genetics (Diagnosis, Prognosis, Monitoring) Dr. B. Poopak
DCLS, PhD, Hematology
17 Laboratory and Clinical Toxicology Dr. A. R. Timcheh Hariri
18 Laboratory Diagnosis of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Dr. M. Parsania
PhD, Virology
19 Measurement Standardization in Clinical Laboratories Dr. M. R. Bakhtiari
DCLS, PhD, Biotechnology
20 New Technologies in Laboratory Diagnosis - -
21 National Clinical Laboratory Standards: Challenges & Solutions Dr. A. Shirin
22 Nosocomial Infections: Diagnosis & Monitoring Dr. M. A. Boroumand
23 Quality Improvement in the CKD Lab Tests Dr. R. Mohammadi
DCLS, PhD, Clinical Biochemistry
24 Standard Laboratory Equipment & Kits: Challenges & Solutions Dr. B. Latif
PhD, Biotechnology
25 Survival of Clinical Laboratories in Crisis - -
26 Technological Advances & Future Trends in Laboratory Medicine Prof. Kh. Adeli (Canada)
PhD, Clinical Biochemistry
27 Transfusion Medicine Management Dr. A. A. Pourfathollah
PhD, Immunology

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