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Manuscript Preparation Guide

 | Post date: 2018/11/26 | 
- All stages of submitting, reviewing, and tracking the latest status of the submitted manuscripts are done through the congress’s web site, so please keep track of your username and password.

- Manuscripts not previously published or presented will be in priority for review.

- You are required to create an account on the congress’s website prior to submitting an abstract. You can login to your account using the username and password to complete all the steps for submission of the manuscript.

- Abstracts should be no more than 250 words and include title, introduction, aims and importance of research, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion. Avoide using sentences such as "results will be presented at the congress".
- Please make sure that:

Title Is indicative and specific and represents the main findings of the research
Purpose and importance of research Problems leading to the research idea and design as well as the research aims and objectives are clearly stated
Methodology Research design, methodology and samples taken are in line with the research question. Data collection should be scientifically correct and appropriately analyzed
Results Results are properly and clearly stated so that the purpose of the research project is fulfilled. The results presented should be scientifically valid and contribute the information contained in the research field
Discussion and conclusion Discussion and conclusion are directly derived from the presented results and avoid hypothetical, irrelevant, and emotional conclusions
topic relevance Subject of the research and its findings are related to the congress scientific topics and useful for audiences
Writing Style Abstracts are  written in a clear, readable and integrated way, without any written and spelling errors

- The abstract of articles is required in both Persian and English languages.

- Please note that the presentation point will be awarded to the main author only, so make sure to enter the name of the main author in the first box and label it carefully. The congress secretariat will have no liability for this.

- After uploading your manuscript go to your main page and click on the “please click here to confirm the submission and start the review process’’ to proceed reviewing.

- After reviewing the manuscript, the decision will be announced to the author via e-mail or the author's personal page.
- Presentation in the congress may be in Persian or English.
- The author is responsible for the scientific content of the article.
- Deadline for submission: 2019/02/19

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