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Message from the Congress Secretary

 | Post date: 2019/11/17 | 

                                                                                                 In the Name of God

The congress on quality improvement in clinical laboratory medicine of Iran is the most visited, and leading platform of clinical laboratory sciences in Iran which bring together the colleagues of clinical laboratory community and is the ideal opportunity to learn the up to date science in this field.  Since the first QICL congress in 2002, the main aim of the congress has been quality improvement in clinical laboratories and domestication of knowledge related to laboratory medicine through a well-organized system of continuing education.

The 13th international & 18th national QICL congress will be held in Tehran, from April 15-18, 2020, and it gives us great pleasure to invite national as well as participants from all over the world to exchange knowledge on different aspects of clinical laboratory sciences. This congress will bring together clinical laboratory managers, technicians, students, researchers and clinicians to maximize our mutual understanding of medical laboratory science clinical dimensions. This congress, as an integrated event, will leverage the expertise of faculty speakers and the scientific committee allowing delegates to benefit from a wealth of knowledge in clinical laboratory sciences.

Under the theme “Big data in laboratory medicine” this congress will try to draw attention of clinical laboratory professionals and authorities for taking advantages of millions of clinical laboratory data generated each day for figuring a better health program out.    

The QICL 2020 will also include workshops held on the same period which will provide an excellent opportunity to clinical laboratory managers and staff to get hands on experience in basic and advanced medical laboratory techniques and interpretation.

The congress is strongly supported by many healthcare professionals, institutions, research centers and medical universities and companies actively involved in production of laboratory equipment and products. 

More than 4500 delegates are expected to attend QICL 2020. We greatly encourage all scientists and researchers working in different fields of clinical laboratory medicine to submit their original research in order to stimulate the collaborative discussions.  

We are eagerly waiting to welcome you in QICL 2020 and your contribution to the success of the 13th international & 18th national congress on quality improvement in clinical laboratories.

         Amir-Hassan Zarnani (DCLS, Ph.D.)                                                                                     Ali-Reza Lotfikian  (DCLS)
            Scientific chair of QICL 2020                                                                                       International Secretary of QICL 2020


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