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Clinical Laboratories Research: Microbiology and Serology

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Clinical Laboratories Research: Microbiology and Serology

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Rapid diagnosis of microbial pathogens is an important prerequisite for effective prevention and control of infectious diseases so Microbiology laboratory major changes won't be avoidable in the near future and we should accept this real necessity. Gold standard microbiology method (culture) has some limitations and time consumable. Some instrumental new microbiology and serology methods have introduced.  In this panel we try to introduce some instrumental new methods such as TEMPO, Scan RDI AES, Mycometer, 3M molecular detection assay, BAX, Bio Tecon Diagnostics (Real time PCR), Solus, Gene Quence, VIDAS(Vitec2), Duopath Merck, Sylab's, Riboflow, Neogen,Remel which they have been replaced with the routine methods in the Microbiology laboratory due to having high analytical characteristics of assays such as sensitivity, specificity, precision, accuracy and uncertainty beside of the feasibility and time consuming.


Sure name:  Dr. N. Rahimifard

Nationality: Iranian
Place of birth: Tehran
Present status: Associate Professor in Microbiology; Ph.D
Doctorate in Medical Diagnostic Laboratory Sciences,
Head of Department of Microbiology, Food and Drug Control Laboratories(FDCLMinistry of Health and Medical Education(MOH), Tehran, Iran.
Head of technical committee ISO/TC34/SC9, ISO/TC198, and Codex TFAMR.
Head of biology and microbiology Standard National committee.
Head of Bacteriology Board of EQAP.

Email: nahidrahimifardgmail.com

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Congress at a Glance

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