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Dr. Sh. Hemmati: Message from the Congress Chairman

 | Post date: 2022/03/14 | 

                                                                                                    In the Name of God

19th Congress on Quality Improvement in Clinical Laboratories is undoubtedly one of the largest and most important congresses in field of laboratory sciences, which is held every year on the occasion of Laboratories Day. With the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2021, this congress was held virtually and was welcomed as the first virtual congress across the country. In spite of the shortcomings in its establishment, mostly due to weaknesses and uneven availability of communications infrastructure, post-event evaluation surveys proved the conspicuous success of the event as being complete and satisfactory in all respects. We hope to hold a hybrid congress in 2022 so that our colleagues can avail themselves of the workshops as well. In the current congress, several international scientists and experts in various fields of laboratory sciences are invited to have lecture on a number of topics.

Thanking the pioneers and colleagues who have held the previous Quality Improvement Congresses so far, the motto of the first congress entitled "The quality has got no end" was suggested by our dear colleague Dr. Farsi, and in my opinion, the words added to its scientific richness inasmuch as over several thousand people annually visit the congress and its side exhibition. Based on cutting edge scientific discussions about new approaches in diagnosis in the scientific panels of the Congress, clinical diagnostic equipment and kits have been imported into the country in the soonest possible time by the representatives of reputable companies and are now being used by laboratory colleagues. The pace of growth and quality development of the country's laboratories has been accelerated in such a way that in a short period of time, our colleagues established the setups and devices in all parts of the country to reduce the suffering of the people in depressed areas and prevent them from referring to the provincial centers.

Unfortunately, in the last two years, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, illegitimate and cowardly sanctions, consequent unbridled inflation, and lack of a proportional increase in laboratory tariffs, the import of new devices and technologies and diagnostic kits to Iran has decreased. Moreover, some obstacles pertain to depreciation and wearing out of equipment and machinery in conjunction with the multiplication of the kits and consumables prices, which may culminate in extended closure of small and medium-sized laboratories; therefore, the qualitative and quantitative growth that has occurred in the last twenty years will be futile. The terrible consequence is serious crisis in deprived areas in accessibility of laboratory services.

In the 19th Congress, important scientific issues, including the big data project on the study of the reference range, being carried out by Iranian Association of Clinical Laboratory Doctors for the first time in the country, will be examined by domestic and foreign experts. Other topics such as pathogenic, diagnostic, and epidemiological aspects of COVID-19 and other topics in the field of hematology will also be commented and discussed. I wholeheartedly appreciate the assistance of Dr. Zarnani who delicately selected topics and arranged the panels and Dr. Bagheri, the esteemed executive secretary of the congress, who planned and implemented the preliminary arrangements of the event. One of the prominent aspects of this congress is that in each panel, clinical colleagues together with laboratory colleagues will discuss the issues raised from clinical and laboratory aspects.

In the end, I wish God Almighty bestow health and success to colleagues and all participants of the congress who incessantly work and conduct research for the wellbeing of individuals.


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